Webex Connect

In order of importance.

  • Connector Node
    • A new “connector node” which doesn't have any failure exits, just a single success exit. Like other nodes, it would be possible to set on enter / on leave variable / logging etc. It use is to to allow two nodes that which won't join natively - (currently I use Evaluate node to do this - but this quite painful). It can also be make complex flows easier to view / understand.
    • examples - two separate outputs from an evaluate node cannot go to a single node, e.g. a play prompt node - which is not idea - but 'connector node' would fix this.
  • Curved Links
    • Flow to use “Curved (Connector) Links”- so it is possible to see where they route to instead of clicking to straight lines. Discuss with the Webex Contact Centre team who made a similar feature enhancement.
  • Service Global Variables - accessible by all flows within a Service - so a variable can be changed in one flow and read by another.
  • Logbooks file types “tsv”
    • so Tab Separated Files can be downloaded and immediately opened in EXCEL. It supports Tab separated Format - but only allows files to end in .txt and .csv - which doesn't make sense - this is easy / trivial fix.
  • Dynamic Prompts, i.e. Prompts can use a variable in their name - currently only be statically, e.g. foldername/$(variable)1.wav
  • Search/Find option
    • When in a flow - there is no search option? Say you want to search for a node which has a prompt of “P1001” or you want to find a node which has JavaScript of 'blah' etc.
  • Favorite TTS voice
    • Be able to save a favourite(s) TTS voice - so when adding prompts you don't have to select 4 dropdown each and every time to create each wav file - you can just select / check your favourite TTS
  • Play Node Improvement
    • Prompts (not IVR / Digit) not configurable to be bargeable. i.e. should have a checkbox, which if set allows DTMF to be passed and if there is a Menu or collect input node later this is captured there.
  • IVR and Collect Digits nodes should have interrupt audio checkbox checked by default (very minor - but very simple to do)

If you use a variable in JavaScript code - it must be set previously - e.g. add to log or something (crazy I know).

let enteredNumGB = $(n152.collect.input).toString();

i.e. the variable $(n152.collect.input) must be logged to log file or something! Why???

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