When the subscriber goes down and it is required to make configuration updates from the publisher, you can disable Config Datastore (CDS) and Historical Datastore (HDS) on the subscriber using Disable CDS and HDS icon or button. The database information for the cluster is displayed at the bottom of the window. Once the subscriber is up, you can enable CDS and HDS on the subscriber using the same toggle button.

Caution Any configuration in Application Administration and Historical data on the Subscriber node would get over written, when CDS is enabled again.

Choose Tools > Datastore Control Center > Replication Servers from the Unified CCX Serviceability menu bar.

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Admin Guide http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/customer-collaboration/unified-contact-center-express/products-installation-and-configuration-guides-list.html

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Tools→Password Management

Informix SDK
Informix Downloads (Informix Client SDK Developer Edition for Windows x86_64, 64-bit

CUIC Reports to get Database details

You can check the user id with a simple CUIC report:  "select username, user type from sysusers", your userid should show in that result set.
You can check the database name with another simple CUIC report: "select name from sysmaster:sysdatabases"
You can check the server with another simple CUIC report: "select cf_name, cf_effective from sys master:sysconfig where cf_name='DBSERVERNAME'"

If you want to use the password that you are setting in Password Management, then the user will need to be changed from uccxhrc to uccxhruser as well which is not recommended to use.

Or use the default password set for uccxhrc - which is documented in link below:

  • Create custom version of existing Store Procedure
  • Create custom version of drop_table and use this in your custom precdure, e.g.
create procedure "uccxhruser".drop_table_custom(l_tabname varchar(250))

    on exception in (-206)
    end exception;
        execute immediate 'drop table ' || l_tabname;

end procedure;

-- Permissions for routine "drop_table_custom"
revoke execute on procedure  'uccxhruser'.drop_table_custom(varchar) from 'public';

Beaware of this bug which has still not be fixed in Version 10.6

UCCX 10.6 = > IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.70.UC7XA

select first 1 dbinfo("version", "full") from systables;

Server Studio by AGS Ltd

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