show vvb host-to-ip

utils vvb add host-to-ip mediaserver

utils vvb delete host-to-ip mediaserver

show vvb cache cache_entries

set vvb cache stale_cache_entries

show vvb call active voice summary

Real Time VXML Tracing

Find out which is the active log

file view activelog uccx/log/MIVR/Cisco001MIVR.index

View the log in real time:

file tail activelog uccx/log/MIVR/Cisco001MIVRxxx.log

Gather VXML Logs

(Requires an SFTP server)

file get activelog uccx/log/MIVR/Cisco001MIVR*

Or this should refine it by date

file get activelog uccx/log/MIVR/Cisco001MIVR* recurs reltime days 2

Gather Packet Capture Logs

file get activelog /platform/cli/<capture>.cap

<hi>Note: Filename is case sensative and always ends with lower case “.cap”</hi> e.g.

utils network capture size ALL count 100000 file MyFileName
file get activelog /platform/cli/MyFileName.cap
set account name <username>

(Select - Advanced - Level 1)

set password change-at-login disable <username>
  • navigate to Trace Configuration on the VVB Web OS Platform.
  • SS_VB should be enabled for 'Debugging' by default.
  • Check XDebugging1 and you will be able to view the VXML in your Trace files.
  • Cisco VVB Developers also request for XDebugging2 to be enabled.

fetchaudio media file is not getting cleared from the PromptPlayer

Fetchaudio timer does not start from the element where it is configured

VXML session is not getting released completely

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