Note: SIP Refer DN - is required to be entered into CVP Dialnumber. Why it is required for Refer Numbers - does not make 100% sense to me. Should it not always return to originator so why is this needed?

Note: the CUCM CVP SIP Trunk Redirecting CSS is needed to be configured for CUCM to match against the SIP Refers DN
Note: Don't forget to prefix rf in label to create a refer Note: if any Problems with UCCE - simply remove the Compliance Partition from Gateways CSS for it to skip routing calls to UCCE


  • Configure Partitions: PT-Compliance, PT-Compliance-GW
  • Configure CSS: CSS-Compliance-XLATE, CSS-CVP-ReferDN
  • Setup DNs in XLATE with PT-Compliance-GW and CSS of CSS-Compliance-XLATE with a prefix of 48XX , e.g. 4800, or 4801
  • Setup route DN 48XXXXXX with PT-Compliance (the first two XX can change for different compliance, last 4 XXXX are extension number) and route this to CVP
  • Setup Wildcard Enable true ('1') on Rogger A (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\XXX\RouterA\Router\CurrentVersion\Configuration\Global\DNWildCardEnabled)
  • Setup CVP ICM DN (CVP not CUCM, so we can make sure Media server is local), e.g. 4800XXXX
  • Setup Call Type and Script and associate with the Compliance DN
  • Setup CVP trunk Redirecting CSS with CSS-CVP-ReferDN (which should have access to Internal Partition)
  • In ICM Script use Refer label and remove prefix, e.g. concatenate(“rf”,mid(Call.DialedNumberString,5,5))
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