Cisco CVP VXML Gateway Media File Reload

If the need to reload a cached file on a CVP VXML gateway and the gateway is not checking the media webserver as the audio file is not yet marked as stale, then you can use the following command to force a reload / recache of the audio file.

audio-prompt load <url> 


 audio-prompt load http://mediaserver/Media/en-us/filename.wav

If the gateway is configured with “prompt streamed none”, then the an audio file will not be downloaded even after its cache has expired if unless the version on the media server is newer than the file in the gateways cache.

If you need to modify the last modified date of the audio file or files (or folders), there are two great little programs.

Great for changing modified date on a folder and its sub folders (i.e. bulk change)
eXpress TimeStamp Toucher (XTST)

Great for changing modified date on a file or multiple files
SetFileDate 2.0

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