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Call Studio Audio Element with Fetch Audio

VXML 2.0 Fetch Properties

VXML 2.0 Specifications - 6.3.5 Fetching Properties

fetchaudioThe URI of the audio to play while waiting for a document to be fetched. The default is not to play any audio during fetch delays. There are no fetchaudio properties for audio, grammars, objects, and scripts. The fetching of the audio clip is governed by the audiofetchhint, audiomaxage, audiomaxstale, and fetchtimeout properties in effect at the time of the fetch. The playing of the audio clip is governed by the fetchaudiodelay, and fetchaudiominimum properties in effect at the time of the fetch.
fetchaudiodelayThe time interval to wait at the start of a fetch delay before playing the fetchaudio source. The value is a Time Designation (see Section 6.5). The default interval is platform-dependent, e.g. “2s”. The idea is that when a fetch delay is short, it may be better to have a few seconds of silence instead of a bit of fetchaudio that is immediately cut off.
fetchaudiominimumThe minimum time interval to play a fetchaudio source, once started, even if the fetch result arrives in the meantime. The value is a Time Designation (see Section 6.5). The default is platform-dependent, e.g., “5s”. The idea is that once the user does begin to hear fetchaudio, it should not be stopped too quickly.
fetchtimeoutThe timeout for fetches. The value is a Time Designation (see Section 6.5). The default value is platform-dependent. (from [[ - The time in seconds (s) or milliseconds (ms) for the VoiceXML interpreter to wait for content to be returned by the HTTP server before throwing an error.badfetch event. The fetchtimeout value is rounded down to the nearest whole second (e.g., 5700ms or 5.7s would be rounded down to 5s). If fetchtimeout has a value less than 1 second, it is reset to the default value. The default value is 15s.

ICM Config

Java Action Element for Delay
// Simple Action Element to Simulate a Delay
// Gerard O'Rourke
// date: 25/10/2017
import com.audium.server.AudiumException;
import com.audium.server.voiceElement.ActionElementBase;
import com.audium.server.session.ActionElementData;
 * This class is called when a standard action has been configured to use a 
 * Java class. Since this is a standard action element, it applies to a 
 * specific application and does not have a configuration. As a result, the 
 * only method needed in this class is the doAction method.
public class ActionDelay extends ActionElementBase
     * All action classes must implement this method. The data is retrieved 
     * through the ActionElementData class. Unlike decisions, there is no need 
     * to return anything as all actions have a single exit state.
    public void doAction(String name, ActionElementData data) throws AudiumException
    	int timer = Integer.parseInt((String) data.getSessionData("delay-in-ms"));
    	try {
		} catch (InterruptedException e) {
			data.addToLog("ERROR InterruptedException", e.toString());
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