CVP Call Studio

Add the below two “external Jar” to the Library

Call Studio provides a location to place components that are to be shared across all applications: CallStudio/eclipse/plugins/\

Individual classes are placedin the classes subdirectory and JAR file archives are placed in the lib subdirectory.

(right click) and select Export the Java to a JAR file and enter the jar folder & name as per C:\Cisco\CallStudio\eclipse\plugins\\lib\myjarfile.jar

It will appear in Call Studio in the folder configured in the Java , e.g.

        public String getDisplayFolderName()
                return "MyCVPStuff";

(Details below from Janine Graves -

1. From Studio , use a ReqIcmLabel node and enter into its Settings tab the data you want to send into ICM's PVs. For example: Callvar1: ewt Callvar2: billing (queue name)

2. This will send an API call to ICM, where it comes in as a NewCall based on the DNIS. I'll call this script the *EWT_ICM *script.

3. The EWT_ICM script's PVs are now set to whatever was configured in the Studio app's ReqIcmLabel settings. For example: PV1: ewt PV2: billing

4. The EWT_ICM script examines the PVs to know what's being requested (EWT for the billing Skill Group). ICM can determine the ewt, or check if agents ready greater than 0. It assigns data into the PVs (example, PV1 = '600' or PV3='0' (number of agents ready)) The EWT_ICM script exits back to VXML Server with a Label node. But you can configured it as Dynamic Label, and assign any string value you like.

5. The Studio app goes down the 'done' exit state of the ReqIcmLabel node. And all the PV values are Element data for the ReqIcmLabel node, named callvarReturn1,2,…10 The ICM *Label node's *value is stored into Element data named result.

6. Here's the 'trick' to make it all work - in the original ICM script that sends the caller into the VXMLServer app (where you assign something like, “application=MyApp”) you have to override the _dnis that's sent to VXMLServer. Because the _dnis becomes the CallData.DNIS and that's what selects the ICM Script to run when using the ReqIcmLabel node.

So, if you also need the real dnis sent to VXMLServer, then you'll have to do the following in ICM: Set ToExtVXML[0] to concatenate(“application=MyApp;_dnis=ReqLabel_DN;dnis=”,Call.DialedNumberString)

This way, you get the Session variable named dnis with the true dnis. You also get the CallData.DNIS set to the string “ReqLabel_DN” - and then you schedule the EWT_ICM script to run based upon this (obviously fake) dnis.

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