CVP CallServer IP Address

You SHOULD be able to get use the variable “user.cvp_server_info” to retrieve the CVP CallServer IP address.
However this does NOT work, if CUCM is the routing client (even if there is a Send to VRU node). Here is a workaround to retrieve the IP Address of the CVP CallServer which has the call.

Step 1 - Config CVP CallServer to pass in the SIP header “To”

If you set Call.SIPHeader to a PV Variable, as in the below, you can now see the SIp To Header data
Example for a Call which routes directly to CVP
Example for a Call which routes where CUCM is teh routing client and the you have a Send to VRU node to forward the call to CVP

Step 2 - Clean up this data to ONLY retrieve the IP address using the below ICM code


or a not so nice way to do the same thing (but above is simplier & better)

mid(Call.SIPHeader,((find("@",Call.SIPHeader))+1),((find(">", Call.SIPHeader)-find("@",Call.SIPHeader)))-1)

Step 3 - Test and confirm that only the IP address is now set

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