• Create two new linked databases on the 2Ring Server to connect to the A and B side UCCE AW databases.
  • Setup a new linked database
  • Enter server hostname of the UCCE AW Server and select the SQL Server buttton
  • in the Security tab, select the “Be made using this security context” and fill in the read account for the AWDB/HDS
  • Hit Okay and confirm a Connection Test
  • The test should be successful.
  • Update the linked database on the 2Ring Admin interface
  • Restart the 2Ring Connector Service
Author: Gerry ORourke
Date: 28/10/2015

eir Business 2RING servers MUST use W2012R2 to simplify support and have all installs consistent. 
Older Windows OS are supported if absolutely required.
Note: W2012R2 requires ESXi 5.5 (5.1)
Do not use the default Password "Pa$$word" below in production installs.

High level
Operating System Installation/Configuration
* Install Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 or 2012 R2
* Apply Latest Windows updates
* Web Server (IIS) with ASP.NET and HTTP Activation feature
* Dependencies Installation
* Web Deploy 3.5
* Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express
* Silverlight 5

Low Level
* Install W2012R2
* Install IIS with necessary Features
   * Add Roles - (Web Server IIS) - click OK and then select IIS - Roles Services
   * Add the following 
	* Web Server - Common HTTP Features -> HTTP Redirection
	* Web Server - Application Development -> ASP.NET 4.5

Enable .NET 3.5 on W2012R2 is required for SQL Express (enabled through Windows Roles on W2012)

Note if installing on W2008R2, you need to download and install MS .Net Framework 4.5.
Once installed, register ASP.NET 4.5. Go to CMD prompt, enter: 
cd %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319, enter command: aspnet_regiis.exe –i

This needs internet access to download & install.
Confirm internet access is available.

SQL Install
Install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express SP1
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=46697 (ExpressAndTools 64BIT\SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe)

Use Default Settings Excepy 
1) change to named Instance to Default Instance
2) Set Mixed Mode (instead of Windows Authnteciation Mode)

From 2RING PreReq Files.
  * WebDeploy_amd64_en-US.msi
  * Silverlight.exe

  * SqlDom.msi
  * SharedManagementObjects.msi
  * SQLSysClrTypes.msi

  * DACFramework(x64).msi
  * DACFramework(x86).msi

After Installing SQL
1) Confirmed Mixed Mode Authentication is enabled and enable it and restart SQL if necessary.

  * Create Folder C:\2RING\DW\
  * Copy the Database and Web Folder from the 2Ring_DW_v5.0.0.zip file to this folder.
  * Edit the installer.xml file (set username / passwords for admin and the SQL username (DW appliction) - (leave usernames at the default))
  * Open a command prompt as Administrator and run Install.cmd

Open up IIS Manager.

Right-click on Default Web Server, select Deploy -> Import Application...

And select the following file:

Add in the DWApplication Password set in the installewr file

Example: Server=localhost;Database=DW;User ID=DWApplication;Password=Pa$$w0rd

Click Next and Finish

Test the Application


Read Install Guide!!!

Copy the Connector Install files for UCCE to the Folder:
C:\Program Files\2RING\DW\Connectors\5.0.0\UCCE\

Configure Connection.xml and InstallParamters.xml
Make sure to leave username / password blank in the InstallParamters.xml, run cmd.exe as an administrator (sql sysadmin) 

UCCE SQL Server needs to have the SQL Browser Service running (UDP 1434) and this is usualy disabled?
Install worked on ICM 8.0 without sql browser working???

The instance name in the installer config refers to the SQL instance and not ICM instance, 
so since this is the default instance (always!) just enter IP address of server!

If Connector installs correct, start web admin and install & save the UCCE connector license.
And then install the Connection service (run cmd.exe as administrator) and run the installservice.cmd)


Read the install guide!
If Microsoft SQL Server is 64bit, use 64bit IBM Informix ODBC Driver otherwise use the 32 bit version.
Note: You should install on W2012R2 with SQL Express 64 bit!

The Informix SDK "clientsdk.4.10.FC5DE.WIN(64bit)" which comes with 2RING pre requsities fails to run on W2012R2!
Change the Compatability setting for installclientsdk.exe to 'Windows7" and installer should run OK.

Or maybe Download Latest Informix SDK for Windows 64-bit?

Uncheck everything and then select only IBM Informix ODBC Driver and in Global Language Support select 'Western Europe and Americas' and 'East European and Cyrilic'

Start Administrator Tools
Select ODBC 64 bit
Select System DSN

ErrorNumber: 8180
ErrorState: 1
ErrorLine: 1
ErrorMessage: Statement(s) could not be prepared.
Invalid column name 'PrecisionQueueID'.
OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI11" for linked server "" returned message "Deferred prepare could not be completed.".


Enable .NET 3.5

SQL 2014 SP1 Install
Database Engine Services
Management Tools - Basic

Default INstance

Mixed mode and set sa password


Server Roles - IIS 
Features -  .NET 4.5 \ WCF Services \ HTTP Activation
Web Server Roles (IIS) - .ASP 4.5 (should already be checked due to above)
                         Common Features - HTTP Redirection


Web Deploy 3.5 (complete?)
SQLDom.msi (already installed as part of SQL?)
SQLSysClrTYpes.msi (already installed as part of SQL?)
DACFrancework (both x64 and x86)


C:\Program Files\2RING\DW\Base\2Ring_DW_v5.1.0\Database\connection parameters


C:\Program Files\2RING\DW\Base\2Ring_DW_v5.1.0\Database\INstallPatamerts
Add in username / password for admin user and SQL DW user

Run install.bat as a admin (cmd admin)

(Remove password from Install Files)

Deploy -> Import -> C:\Program Files\2RING\DW\Base\2Ring_DW_v5.1.0\Web\2Ring_DW_v5.1.0.zip
Add in ;Password=Blah
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