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 http://​localhost:​1480/​api/​v1/​suppression/​start/​device\\ http://​localhost:​1480/​api/​v1/​suppression/​start/​device\\
 https://​localhost:​14443/​api/​v1/​suppression/​start/​device\\ https://​localhost:​14443/​api/​v1/​suppression/​start/​device\\
 +==== Keep Alive ====
 +The keepAlive request is present to avoid sessions timing out which by default will happen after 5 minutes of inactivity.
 +This is provided to allow a good response time to suppression requests by not needing to re-establish a session should it expire before other commands can be triggered.
 +Note that if you are polling for the device list on a regular basis, the keepAlive request will probably not be needed.
 +Note that an HTTP return code of 401 with extra information of the token being invalid can still be sent in response to any request (excluding login/​logout) due to external factors and therefore should be handled appropriately.
 +^Method / URL| PUT /​api/​v1/​sessions/​keepAlive|
 +^Format / Data| Header: authToken=<​token string as returned from login>|