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There are 7 SKU for licensing Expressway.
Register the Expressway server first using the SKU: LIC-SW-EXP-K9
This is the Cisco TelePresence Software Upgrade Release Keys.
Quantity of '1' per server.

Apply this license file as the Expressway release key.
Then reboot and THEN apply the options to make it an expressway C or E with X number of RMS licenses.

For Expressway E register quantity of '1' of the below SKUs on and apply to the server

For Expressway E & C register quantity of '1' of each of the below and apply to the server

For Expressway E & C you then need to register the required number of RMS licenses which should be split across the Expressway C and Es (apply and reboot expressway).

Note: the RMS license is the only multiple count license file you need. All others should have quantity of '1' when you register them.

Clustering requires you to use LAN 1 NIC and LAN 1 and LAN 2 must use non - opverlappying subnets. Clustering cannot use Static NAT, therefore LAN 2 should be used for your external facing interface.

Below is not relevant any more, as you can capture from the GUI interface.
On expressway, log in as root and type: mkdir /mnt/harddisk/traces

cd /mnt/harddisk/traces

Then to activate the trace type: Interface 1, max 10 MB file

tcpdump -i 1 -w trace.cap -s 0 -C 10
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